Nomad culture. Constant evolution.

The Nomad Design Co. is not only a design studio but also a network of partners and suppliers working in a cooperative and unified manner, delivering 360º services, which range from strategic, creative up to operational support.

Integrated Services

To bring an idea into reality there is a long path with many steps to be followed. Combined with our partners we have the opportunity to offer from strategic positioning (branding) of a brand and/or product to the creation of a complete portfolio of products and further services in the most different areas.


We can adapt and customize services according to your needs.  

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Our Process

We see the design beyond a technical and artistic manifest, where the form and function must always be allied to improve the relationship between people and the object. These too are combined to a bigger context, and we provide support concerning all the steps to make it possible.

Nomad pillars

The fundamentals that build our brand:

Creativity in Action

The value of craftsmanship and a special attention for details promotes unique designs, essencial for a brand recognition and good results. Our work is based on cooperation and sharing different points of view, leading to rich concepts no matter the project. 

Our Projects

Enjoy our portfolio
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For each product a solution, for each market a vision and
for each customer all our value in working custom made
and under their cultural standard.

Our Team

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Danilo Vaz 
Project Manager and Owner

Danilo Vaz is the company founder and coordinates a multidisciplinary and multicultural team. He has more than two decades of experience in design, of these 18 years of which have been dedicated to the area of Luggage, bags, backpacks, and accessories.

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Melissa de Albuquerque
Administrative and financial
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Karine Heyn
Senior Designer
Maria João Catumba
 Samples and modeleur
Key partner
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Miguel Morais
Production Manager
Key partner

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